“Dr. McGill is amazing. His personality is relaxed, calm and knowledgeable. He exhibits a confidence in his profession that is very reassuring. I had no doubt if a problem arose he could handle it with expertise. I am very thankful to have been under his supervision and care!!”
“The epidural took only 5 minutes and he explained everything as it was happening by far the best experience of my whole stay.”
“Very smooth. Professional.”
“He was amazing. He was very kind, calming, quick and efficient.”
“I feel Dr. McGill allowed me my dignity and respect.”
“I had a wonderful experience, told him I usually get really sick, whatever he gave me was awesome. I felt good when I woke up, not sick at all and the block they gave me lasted all day and night. Thank him for me please.”
“Excellent, friendly care.”
“Everything was great everyone so nice, answered all questions, did an awesome job.”
“Love the feeling that I was treated like I was a family member.”