“Dr Cannon is an amazing anesthesiologist.”
“Dr. Cannon was very helpful with my anxiety upon waking up. I know my recovery was easier because of his quick and understanding response.”
“He did a really good job. He talked me through the whole thing and kept me comfortable.”
“My whole experience was absolutely amazing thank you so much for making this a memorable experience for me. If I had the same doctors and anesthesiologist I’d do it all over again tomorrow 🙂 Thank you so much for everything.”
“He was excellent and addressed my needs wonderfully.“
“Really appreciated the professional bedside manor.“
“Excellent doctor.He said that he would take care of me, and he did. I was terrified of undergoing anesthesia again and Dr. Cannon made this a great experience.“
“He was professional and very understanding. I would feel safe with him taking care of someone in my family. I hope you let him know I am very grateful for everything he did. Thank you very much.“