“Going into this surgery I was scared but my anesthesiologist talked to me the whole time going into the OR transferring to the table keeping me calm talking to me explaining everything that was going to happen. I have had 3 other surgeries never have I had anyone do that with me! It was great and with him doing that the care he showed made me feel at ease! He was amazing and I wish I could thank him for that! “
“He was extremely polite and patient with my questions. He made me feel very comfortable and confident going into surgery.”
“My experience, was as if it didn’t even happen. I felt great. Thank you to my doctor.”
“Dr De Vry was very thorough and did an excellent job. During the procedure he stayed with me and explained everything very well. Thank you!”
“He was amazing, my husband had to go with our baby to the nicu and Derek stayed right with me and kept me calm.I was terrified and he stayed right there and talked me through a scary Thank you Derek!”
“Derek was excellent, he came in before my surgery and asked what my past experiences with Anastasia have been like. After I explain that I get very ill after anesthesia in for me he could make my recovery much easier (which he did). He was very professional, thorough and respectful.”