“Dr Sykes took very good care and was kind. He made my family feel comforted and assured.“
“I was very impressed I hope he will always be my anesthesiologist.“
“Good bedside manner… Very humane touch and ‘reachable’ – good experience“
“Dr Sykes was excellent“
“Out of all the times i had to be under anesthesia, he was the best and i felt 100% confident he was going to take care of me.“
“Great bedside manner and was very professional.“
“I felt very at ease and comfortable before going under. Dr. Sykes was very kind and professional and knowledgeable.“
“Dr. Sykes was amazing!“
“I had never had anesthesia and was understandably a bit concerned about how I would tolerate it. Dr. Sykes did an amazing job of answering my questions, and reassuring me that he would do everything possible to help me have a safe and comfortable experience. I woke feeling alert and I had no nausea afterward. Overall it was a great experience, and if I ever have to have surgery again I hope Dr. Sykes is available.“
“Dr. Sykes was very nice, and made my operation more comfortable. Highly recommend him.“
“He made me feel very comfortable with everything that was going on. He exceed at his job as a professional and a human being.“
“He was wonderful! Thank you.”
“Best anesthesiologist I ever had.“
“Amazing care from all team members… loved Dr.Sykes truly felt that he cared! Would highly recommend!!!“
“A great anesthesia experience!“
“Dr. Sykes discussed my concerns regarding anesthesia. He explained his plan as related to my specific medical history, and established my confidence & trust.“