“He was amazing.”
“I was pretty nervous once we got into the surgical room but he reassured me that he would be there with me for the whole thing and comforted me while I fell asleep.”
“My procedure was done on an emergency basis. Brian was comforting compassionate an understanding of my fear. Brian’s compassion was much appreciated and I would appreciate it if you would tell him thank you.”
“Brian was amazing, very professional, calm, patient and quickly gave me pain relief. I’m so thankful I had him for my anesthesiologist. Thx so much! “
“Dr. hall is a great person and practitioner, he was so caring comforting during my procedure. Thank you for being so nice.”
“I loved having such a lighthearted and funny anesthesiologist! It made my epidural seem like a breeze! Hands down the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with!”
“I appreciated Dr. Hall taking the time to visit with me just prior to the procedure, the fact that he explained and offered to use the least amount of anesthesia necessary. Dr. Hall has excellent bedside manners, is friendly and professional. He made me feel at ease.”
“Dr hall is the best.”
“Brian was very caring during the whole birth process. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.”
“Dr hall was very congenial & understanding & did NOT act as if he was in a big hurry to get thru the prelim ‘talk to the patient’ time – very much appreciated!”
“Loved him he was wonderful.”
“He was very nice and kind. I am grateful that he calmed my fears.”
“My surgery was emergent so there wasn’t a lot of time to discuss things but Dr. Hall was very professional and nice to work with. He was sweet with my husband, allowing him to give me a kiss as we went through the surgery doors. He helped ease both my husband and I during a very stressful and scary situation. Thanks! “
” I was very nervous to get a spinal. Dr. Hall not only address and empathized with those fears, but did what he could to help ease my anxiety. The procedure was calm and he prepared me for each step. His demeanor was positive, light hearted and professional. I felt he really cared about my well being both emotionally and physically he was very friendly and really made the experience a positive one. “
“Dr. Hall was absolutely wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone, and for any future need.”
“Dr Hall had a profound influence on my surgery experience. I am forever grateful for the way he imparted peace and confidence in the process for me and my family.”