AAM will bill your primary and secondary insurance for anesthesia services.  Our business office receives your insurance information from the facility where your procedure was performed.  Most insurance carriers cover the cost of anesthesia services, but we suggest you contact your carrier directly for specific coverage benefits.


As of January, 2017 AAM participates with the following insurance plans:

Understanding Your Bill

In many cases, there may be a balance due from your deductible or co-payment after your insurance has paid your claim.  You will receive a statement for any amount due and balance is due upon receipt of your statement.

For billing questions, please contact our billing office at 541-773-7273.  We are here to help Monday – Friday from 8am – 5 pm.

Common Billing Questions:

I received a bill from Anesthesia Associates of Medford in addition to the bill I received from the facility where I had my procedure.  Why am I being charged twice for anesthesia?
The medical facility bills for anesthetic medicines, gases and use of all monitoring and disposable equipment.  Our professional physician services are not included.  We bill for physician services separately.

I received a statement, how can I pay my balance?
-Make your payment online by clicking here.
-Mail the remittance portion from your statement with a personal check or your Visa, Mastercard or American Express information.
-Make a payment by phone with one of our Billing Specialists by calling our office at 541-773-7273.

My EOB states that I am not responsible for the amount showing on my bill.  Why am I being billed this additional amount?Please call our office for details.